Starting the New School Year

Do you find yourself trying to get back into the swing of things when Covid 19 has other plans?

So, the calendar says August which normally means those last precious days of summer freedom are dwindling and the new school year is looming. Maybe you worked on lesson plans over the summer. Maybe you went out and bought that new planner and started filling it in with color-coded markers. Maybe you went in and cleaned the tips of all your old glue bottles. Or maybe you are like me and have put off doing much in the art room yet. The thought of teaching with a mask to children in masks, isn’t very motivating.

Never fear! We still have time to get our shiftlessness together.

By now, your principal has figured out their Covid 19 plan. Your school board and health officials, along with city officials have probably ok’ed the plan and now it is time for us to just show up and Do It!

If you are like me, your mind is swirling…You know children can’t share those art supplies. You know they have to social distance. What you don’t know is, how is that all gonna work in your art class.

I sent out an art supply list early in the summer for parents to purchase for their students. It was simple supplies, specific per age group, to be put in individual containers, so they don’t have to be shared. This was one hurdle.

I gotta admit, I was not keen on teaching Art on a Cart, so at our school, we have enough seating that each child has their own spot at lunch, social distanced from one another. I asked if I could teach children in those seating arrangements for art. That was the second hurdle.

Check back with me soon to get to the nitty gritty of how this school year is really gonna look. More details to follow soon. Until then, keep enjoying those last days of summer!