And so it has begun!

I just finished my first full week of the new school year. On a Cart. With Remote Learners. With students in the classroom. Did I mention on a cart?

Well, it went really well! I was more apprehensive then necessary. The students are happy to have art and the teachers are very graceful as I roll into their room with my big ol’ art cart.

The technology part about getting into their zoom room and them making me the host and the remote learners being admitted…..that is still taking some getting used to. But hey, I am the Art Teacher, I’ve got this!

Organization is the key to that art cart but patience is the key to the computer. Every class is different. Every teacher is different. Every situation is different. It is making me stretch and grow…which is always a good thing. If we aren’t growing, we are dying.

The best thing about the whole thing is that the children are making art again! School is in! Whether it is remote or in person, I am so glad to be teaching these little humans again!

So count your blessings and stay patient with all that is being asked of you right now. This Covid thing shall pass and when the students get to come to my art room, they are gonna be so much more appreciative of the fun materials, more than just crayons and markers! We will be able to paint and get messy! Oh yeah! Teaching Art is the best!